ice bags

Summit Ice started with 2 second hand ice making machines and an old half ton bakkie in December of 2015, with one customer and 1 employee. During 2016 we designed and had our own branded ice bags printed (with barcodes), supplying both 2kg and 4kg ice bags.

The ice factory has relocated a number of times due to changes of ownership and the growth and expansion of the business. During the latter part of 2016 a company was registered. With little marketing, the brand has grown by word of mouth and now supplies ice in 2kg and 4kg branded bags as well as 8kg solid blocks.

A number of garages, supermarkets, restaurants etc. now stock our ice. We have a new 1.3 ton vehicle (with a second vehicle coming soon) and access to a 5 and an 8 ton truck for delivering our product. The ice factory will be relocating soon to a newly built factory in the Thornville area, just outside Pietermaritzburg.

We are open 365 days per year… us for any of your ice requirements . Ice sales, being very difficult in winter, has led to us cutting and selling firewood in winter and we will be starting charcoal and briquettes this month as well.

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